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Keith Loach Music
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God Only Knows – Brian Wilson
BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN for so many reasons melodically, lyrically and harmonically. An unusual mix of figured bass inversions for a pop tune: 7 root position (3/5) chords, 4 first inversion (3/6) chords, 7 second inversion (4/6) chords (!!!), 2 third inversion (2/4/6) chords
Wexford Carol – Arr. Dorothea Baker
Kingston Road United Church, Christmas Eve Service 2021, Vocal-Keith Loach, Piano-Eric MacKeracher
Donna Lee Etude – Charlie Parker
Bebop, 1/4 note=192. This arrangement is a tip-of-the-hat to Jaco Pastorius’ 1977 solo bass recording with conga. The étude features some classic and standard jazz colours and licks. The metronome clicks on backbeats 2 and 4.
And So It Goes / Jerusalem (Mashup Etude)
Billy Joel / Hubert Parry
A brilliant composition by Billy Joel, and it’s all about the bass. And the suspensions. And, of course, the melody and lyrics. And the so-simple yet so-profound chord changes. Whatever. Thanks to Hubert Parry for the lyric MASHUP. Both pieces were written in 3/4 and this minimalist arrangement puts a metronome “backbeat” on beat 2.